2022 Board of Directors Candidates


We are pleased to introduce our six candidates for the Board of Directors, to fill three open seats effective October 3, 2022.

From left (top): Justin Beaver, Andrea DeJesus, Christine Dempsey; (bottom): Kathy Fox, Heather Terrible, Derek Wallen

The important job of voting for our Board runs from Friday, September 2, when the primary member of each household (and the designated representative from each organizational member) will receive a ballot via email. Be sure to look for it! (If you don’t receive it by end of the day on Friday, drop us a note at move@bethlehem.org)

Voting will be open until we meet for our Annual Meeting on Monday, October 3. You will receive two additional reminders about voting, and we appreciate you taking the time to thoughtfully consider your selections.

The new Board members will join chair Carol Ritter, Domenic Breininger, Deb Fritz, Cindy Glick, Tony Marinho, and Todd Mertz in leading our co-op into our very bright future!

Meet Justin Beaver

Meet Andrea DeJesus

Meet Christine Dempsey

Meet Kathy Fox

Meet Heather Terrible

Meet Derek Wallen