Meet Heather Terrible

Q: How long have you been affiliated with Bethlehem Food Co-Op, and in what ways?

A: Since incorporation – my wife and I joined the Bethlehem Food Co-Op 10 years ago and are one of the first members. I was on the Real Estate Committee and am a current Board Member and Vice Chair.

Q: What skill sets do you have that would enhance the leadership of the BFC?

A: Years of management including interviewing, hiring and training of employees. Policy and procedure writing, along with managing multiple programs. I also have my Real Estate license and have been involved in the Bethlehem Community for the past 14 years.

Q: The BFC culture is to be inclusive and diverse. High performing teams do better by creating a sense of belonging. Please share your thoughts on diversity and inclusion.

A: I would like to see the Board of Directors include members from various neighborhoods throughout Bethlehem and represent minority and underserved communities.

Q: What leadership roles have you held or do you hold in the community?

A: I am the current Vice Chair of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op Board of Directors.

Q: Please share a statement of why you’d like to serve on the board.

A: I’ve been involved with the BFC since the very beginning and want to support our community with the opening of the Co-Op in 2023. I appreciate and value the way the Co-Op has pulled our community together through volunteer efforts, financial contributions and political support. The BFC is an enormously important project which will bring jobs to our City as well as support local farms and businesses, it’s easy to want to be part of something so positive and impactful.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

A: I’ve met a lot of wonderful people throughout my tenure with the Co-Op, serving on the Real Estate Committee as well as the Board of Directors. I am grateful for the dedicated volunteers and other Board Members who have have donated hours of their time as well shared their talent and knowledge. I feel lucky to be a part of the BFC Board of Directors and want to thank my fellow Board members for their experience and dedication to this project.