Colorful mural depicting a young child poised to throw a paper airplane

Matt Halm mural at the Da Vinci Science Center


Help create our community-funded store mural!

Join us in transforming our grocery store into a vibrant hub of local art and community pride! We’re thrilled to announce the “EAT LOCAL” mural project, a collaboration between the Bethlehem Food Co-Op and muralist Matt Halm. Together, we’ll bring to life a stunning mural that celebrates local food culture, Lehigh Valley growers and producers, cooperative values, and the diverse individuals who make up our community.

Show your support for local art and the Bethlehem Food Co-Op by making a contribution to our mural funding campaign.

A mural by Matt Halm depicting two children sitting close together and drawing illustrations on a piece of paper

In-progress shot of Matt Halm’s Creative Abilities mural project

Join Us in Creating Something Beautiful

Led by artist Matt Halm, the mural will serve as a visual ode to our commitment to supporting local producers and fostering community connections. Matt’s vibrant art — to be developed in cooperation with co-op member-owners and project funders — will depict the rich tapestry of our region’s food scene and the cooperative spirit that defines the Bethlehem Food Co-Op. The image below depicts the mural’s placement inside the store — a stunning 70-foot long display visible to everyone who enters!

Architect's drawing of mural placement inside the store

Your support is crucial in making this vision a reality. By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you’ll directly fund the creation of the mural and support future local art initiatives at our co-op. Plus, we’re offering exclusive donor incentives featuring Matt’s incredible artwork. Your contribution not only supports local art and our co-op’s mission but also leaves a lasting legacy in our community. Together, let’s cultivate a space that celebrates our shared values and the beauty of local food culture. Join us in bringing the “EAT LOCAL” mural to life!


Contribute to the mural funding campaign at one of six donor tiers and receive exclusive incentives featuring art from the mural design — plus, you’ll be invited to reserve your place at community brainstorming sessions and a community paint day.

Your generous contribution will go directly to creation of the mural and associated costs. If this crowdfunding campaign exceeds the amount needed for the mural project, additional funds will be used towards future in-store art by local artists. 

Donor incentives will be available for pick up at the Bethlehem Food Co-Op at 250 E. Broad St, Bethlehem PA 18018 after the store opening. Donors who would like their items mailed will be responsible for the the cost of postage. 

Creating Cooperatively

You’ve seen Matt’s artwork around the Lehigh Valley. Now, you can help create his next mural! Mural project funders and co-op members will receive an invitation to participate in community brainstorming sessions to learn what themes and imagery you want to see in the mural. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a community painting day to leave your mark on the mural project. Please consider contributing to the mural fund, and stay tuned for more details about how you can get involved.

The Heart of Queen City mural by Matt Halm

The Portal mural by Matt Halm

Nazareth Center for the Arts mural by Matt Halm

Broughal Middle School mural by Matt Halm