Meet Christine Dempsey

Q: How long have you been affiliated with Bethlehem Food Co-Op, and in what ways?

A: I’m proud to say that I am Member #21 of the Co-op. There is something special about putting your finances and faith in something that doesn’t exist or have a definitive timeline, and knowing it is something that is needed in our community.

Q: What skill sets do you have that would enhance the leadership of the BFC?

A: I have first-hand experience building mission-driven organizations from the ground up. I also understand and embrace the difference between being a business that offers a service and being a business that serves the community.

Q: The BFC culture is to be inclusive and diverse. High performing teams do better by creating a sense of belonging. Please share your thoughts on diversity and inclusion.

A: Diversity is what makes up a community. We don’t all need to look alike or think alike, but we do need to live together in our community and respect each other. The Food Co-Op is funded by the community and serves the community. It should represent the rich diversity of the community.

Q: What leadership roles have you held or do you hold in the community?

A: Currently, I am the Senior Vice-President of Radio for Lehigh Valley Public Media (PBS39.) I’ve been in Executive/Leadership roles for over 20 years. I’m also a board member of the national organization, Public Radio Program Directors.

Q: Please share a statement of why you’d like to serve on the board.

A: In my professional life, I’ve had the opportunity to help build two public radio stations from the ground up. Both these stations now serve the Lehigh Valley community. I’d like to take the skills I have in public broadcasting and help apply them to the mission of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op. I’ve believed in this project for some time, and to finally see it become a reality is thrilling. To be more active in the process would be an honor.