Q: How long have you been affiliated with Bethlehem Food Co-Op, and in what ways?

A: Member since November, 2021

Q: What skill sets do you have that would enhance the leadership of the BFC? 

A: I am a chef with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America focusing on farm to table dining. My family, having lived in PA for over 200 years have firmly established a large influence in the states agricultural landscape. My uncle Denny Wolf was the 24th secretary of agriculture for the state of PA from 2003-2009. My experience with local sustainable agriculture, product knowledge, and previous financial responsibilities running restaurants would make me a valuable asset to the BFCO. Having traveled around the country working with a diverse group of chefs and farmers/producers has prepared me to develop relationships within our community that will benefit the co-op long term. Add to that my current position as the senior executive sous chef for Artsquest, I will be able to positively contribute to the sustained growth of the co-op. In the store itself, I will put my skills to use by making sure all product is put on the shelves at its highest quality. Having grown up visiting my family’s farms in central PA, I have a firm understanding on what peak freshness looks like. I would love to pass along this knowledge to our supporters.

Q: The BFC culture is to be inclusive and diverse. High performing teams do better by creating a sense of belonging. Please share your thoughts on diversity and inclusion. A:

A: My beliefs on this matter are simple. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. I am a lifelong hospitality employee, and I believe hospitality extends to our costumers as well as our staff. Creating a culture of inclusion is essential, and it needs to be established on day one. Being young is an attribute that I would use to my advantage. I would work hard to develop relationships with African American and Latino families in our area. Because after all the Bethlehem food co-op will only be successful if are community is represented completely. It’s a co-op for all, not just for one.

Q: What leadership roles have you held or do you hold in the community? 

A: I have been a leader in many high end kitchens around the country. My experience has lead me back to the Lehigh Valley as the Senior Executive Sous Chef at Artsquest. This position allows me to work side by side with Artsquest senior management in planning events that create revenue that will be reinvested into the community.

Q: Please share a statement of why you’d like to serve on the board. 

A: I would like to serve on the board because I believe food insecurity is one of the greatest threats children and families in America deal with on a daily basis. It’s my life goal to create a community where children won’t have to worry about where their next meal came from. Bethlehem having a successful co-op is an incredibly valuable resource for low income families. I feel like it’s my personal responsibility to make sure the BFCO stays open indefinitely for centuries to come.