February 2023 Project Update

Developer Update (Peron Development): 

The developer’s construction teams from Boyle Construction are continuing their site work. First floor sub-grading and compaction is finished and coring for sanitary on the second floor slab has been completed. Building framing continues with walls being framed on the third floor, and fourth floor trusses are currently being installed.

Store Design Update:

The co-op’s project management team (Simplified Business Solutions) continues to work with our design teams (Seven Roots and Aurora Displays) on the next phase of store design: equipment and fixture specifications.

Our store designers are almost done specifing all the equipment and fixtures for the store. After that is complete, the interior décor team will begin work on their portion of this phase, which includes things like selecting millwork finishes, color palettes, styles, and more!

We expect to work on this phase of the design through the end of February and into the middle of March.

Once we have final cut sheets (specifications documents), our project management team will release an RFP (request for proposal) for equipment supplies, and collect quotes.

Grant Update:

The City of Bethlehem and the co-op have received our first round of feedback from HUD
(the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is administering the grant). We have responded to their feedback and incorporated the edits to our narrative and budget. The final documents have been submitted to HUD and we are currently awaiting any further feedback.

Our next steps will be to receive a grant agreement for signature from HUD and the City.

General Manager Hiring Update:

We continue to narrow our field of applicants, and have begun more in-depth interviews with select candidates. We anticipate hiring our General Manager this spring.