The 2020 growing season was an especially bountiful one for local farmers and gardeners – and for us!

We are very grateful to the Bethlehem Rose Garden Farmers Market and Saucon Valley Farmers Market, both of which allowed us to host our information table and meet with our neighbors. This has been especially valuable to us in this time when we could not hold events of our own.

Many, many thanks to board member Kathy Fox and MOVE chair Joe Klinkhoff for their leadership on this initiative, which brought us dozens of new members at a time when growth is critical. We also depended on many volunteers who helped staff our table, week in and week out – “it takes a village”!


Colleen Albright
Kelly Allen
Chris Bartleson
Domenic Breininger
Carol Burns
Toni Fernandez
Linda Frederick

Cindy Glick
Kris Gomez
Jenny Lim
Elliot Nolter
Tony Marinho
Laurel Mikovits
Angi Mozeko

Lindsey Poncavage
Carol Ritter
Kellyn Stefancin
Kay Stephenson
Heather Terrible
Sonja Walker
John Whelan