We’re working with Farmer Liz Wagner and the good folks at Crooked Row Farm to bring you another winter produce box buying opportunity!

Orders are due by Thursday, Jan. 27 , and pick-up will be on Sunday, Jan. 30 between 1-2 p.m. at Connell Funeral Home, 245 E. Broad St. (across the street from our new store site). If you purchased our produce box in December and want to return the box when you pick up this one, that would be great.

The cost of each box is $35, and it includes:

  • Baby Kale – This young Red Russian kale is tender and so, so sweet. Perfect raw, or lightly tossed fresh into a salad or green smoothie.
  • Lettuce Mix – A half pound of our fresh Lettuce Greens – green and purple butter head and oakleaf lettuces
  • Red Potatoes – Our Adirondack Red potatoes are red on the outside and pink on the inside! These are perfect for roasting, or for throwing some vibrancy into a potato salad.
  • Spinach – Our fresh, sweet spinach is holding steady in the high tunnels, and it’s so tasty  in a saute or fresh in a salad.
  • Daikon Radishes – A spicy winter storage crop, these radishes will add a kick to your home fridge ferments or shredded on a salad or to top off a soup or other meal. If you roast these, they lose some of their heat and become almost sweet and juicy.
  • Satina Potatoes – Our creamy yellow potatoes are fluffy and perfect for mashing.
  • An Array of Fresh Herbs! It’s the season for soups, stews and pops of winter flavor, and we’ve got some great herbs for a variety of meals:
         – Fresh Rosemary bundles are amazing for your potatoes, poultry or baking
         – Fresh Parsley bunches are delicious for your dinner garnishes, chopped overly fresh salads or hot meals, or in soups and tabbouleh.

         – Fresh Lemongrass is an herb that’s new for us, and not as commonly found around here. My father has started to farm after over 50 years in the auto body business, and one of his projects over the last few years was the construction of a small walipini, where we can grow some heat-loving plants over the winter. We’re still experimenting with this structure, but our lemongrass patch is just so happy in there. Lemongrass can be used in teas, or as an aromatic in all sorts of dishes. I’m partial to cooking it with coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, garlic Thai basil, and then pulling out the stalks after they’ve simmered for awhile.


For an additional $5, they’ll add a jar of their very own pasta sauce, made with ingredients grown at Crooked Row (total cost: $40).


The Member Benefits Program discount does not apply to this special offer.


Our mission includes supporting local farmers, and this is a way to do that before our store opens!