Around town - Your Co-op T-shirt

What does Josh Fox, a Tibetan monk, and a random New York City pedestrian have in common?

They have either commented on, been seen around, or asked questions about the handsome Bethlehem Food Co-op t-shirts.  One evening in Bethlehem after seeing Gasland II I ran into director Josh Fox on S. New St.  I was wearing my Bethlehem Food Co-op t-shirt and Josh wondered whether he could shop there.  I told him more about our co-op and he said he supported "things like that."  Cool.  On an upper Manhattan street one night I was wearing my shirt and got into an interesting conversation about co-ops with a friendly pedestrian.  Very cool.  I also caught a Tibetan monk photo bombing me while I was wearing a co-op t-shirt during a recent visit to Home and Planet in Bethlehem.  Well......not really.  But cool daydream.  

The point is if you wear your Bethlehem Food Co-op shirt around town you never know who will chat you up, want to photo bomb you, or want to learn something about the co-op.   



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Great post, Matt! We’re going to be printing new shirts soon, too!