Urban Composting

Join us for a lively discussion on composting.  What is composting?  How hard is it? I only have a small space, can I compost?  We will learn about removing and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills.  Composting helps to support your growing space by feeding the soil on a regular basis. (whether its flower beds or vegetable beds).   Come learn how to get started.

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We will explore several “small batch” composting methods suitable for the urban environment. A detailed examination of each method including equipment, space needed,  and steps in the process will be covered.  We will also learn how to use the finished products in our living spaces.  How to feed our soil and plants with the goodness we have created.

This class will be offered twice a year: spring and fall when the weather is just changing.  Closing the garden for the year provides a lot of material for composting.  Spring finds people looking to use compost and start again.

A primary requirement is a place to use the compost created.  A garden, flower beds, potted plants.  As an example an apartment dweller who has a significant potted garden on a roof or porch or fire escape could use small batch composting and vermicomposting easily to meet their needs.

Methods being covered:

  • Small Batch Bins:  create a small compost pile in a plastic bin.
  • Vermicomposting:  use red worms to eat your garbage and turn it into rich nutrient dense worm castings
  • Bokashi: Pre­composting:  Pickle most food and organic wastes into easily compostable materials for a regular compost pile or garden
  • Mycoremediation:  the fungus among us.  Use mushroom spawn to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds.  A waste product in almost every household!
  • DIY Resources for bins, tumblers and small batch piles.

This course will be facilitated by: 

Joe Klinkhoff, long time fermenter, composter, cook, and gardener.  20+ years of using these methods and others give me a solid foundation to teach others.

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September 18, 2016 at 1pm - 4pm
NCC Fowler Family Center
511 E 3rd St
Room 521
Bethlehem, PA 18015
United States
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