Thyme and Honey

  • Cranberry Relish

    CranRelishSmall.jpgNo Thanksgiving feast is complete without the delightfully tart cranberry making its annual appearance. Whether you prefer yours jellied, juiced or otherwise, this colorful relish will satisfy your craving for its sweet yet sharp flavors. This no-cook dish is beautifully balanced with the subtlety of oranges and cloves and deepened with a touch of brown sugar and honey. The recipe was passed down to me and originally made by my great grandmother. I'm certain this accompaniment will become a staple at your holiday gatherings, just like it has ours. Enjoy! ~April

  • Jellied Cranberry Salad

    JelliedCranFuzzy.gifThis recipe was passed down from my mother-in-law who was a homemaker during the golden age of Jell-O. Now, as a kid growing up, I was never a fan of Jell-O, not sure why... Maybe the fact that it seemed to be alive with all that wiggling? Regardless, I was never a fan. I did like jellied cranberry sauce, after all what is a leftover turkey sandwich without a good cranberry sauce?

    Ok so here’s the scene, I am a newly engaged 20 something having my first Thanksgiving Dinner with my in-laws to-be. My husband’s parents were gracious and kind people who presented a holiday spread straight from a Norman Rockwell painting. The table was beautifully set and everything looked amazing. After giving thanks everyone dug in and plates were passed around. My husband to-be hands me a crystal bowl with a very colorful jellied something in it...

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