The Yoga Loft - A Welcoming Southside Sanctuary

The Yoga Loft, now under the leadership of its new owner, Rachel Abott, has a beautiful vibe in the heart of the South Side. The yoga studio will be hosting a special event for our Food Co-op on Monday evening, January 22 at 5:30 pm.

At the Yoga Loft Mixer, there will be yoga class demonstrations for the whole family and complimentary refreshments. The first five households to join the Co-op at this event will receive $35 in “yoga bucks” to spend at the studio.

What will make the event particularly special is the unique venue. From the moment they enter the main reception area, students and visitors are wowed by the studio’s bright, spacious setting. But perhaps even more striking is the atmosphere. A cozy lounge area, beautiful retail and class spaces illuminated by large loft windows, and warm, welcoming staff put you instantly at ease.

26173378_10154950384766021_509929993778191735_o.jpgOwner Rachel Abott describes the Yoga Loft community as “full of vibrant, kind-hearted, loving and compassionate people.” She views the studio’s role in the community as a place for people to come and feel completely comfortable just being themselves.

The Yoga Loft’s focus on building a stronger, more connected, healthier community is one of the reasons it’s such a natural partner for the Food Co-op. As Rachel puts it, both the Yoga Loft and the Co-op are “building a community that will bring people together and make us all feel part of something bigger, so we can support each other and connect on a deeper level.”

We couldn’t agree more!


Yoga Loft – BFC Mixer Details:

Date: Monday, January 22, 5:30-7:30 PM

Address: 521 E. 4th St., 3rd Floor in Bethlehem

(enter through the Hardware Store entrance and come up the stairs)

All are welcome. Feel free to invite guests.

Yoga class demos for adults and children.

Complimentary refreshments provided by Social Still and Playa Bowls.

First five households to join the Co-op at the event will receive $35 in “yoga bucks” to spend at the Yoga Loft.

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