Please look at my Profile- I want to help this Organization!

I recent lost over 60 pounds in three month's. As part of the baby boomer population, I was fed alot of ( DO-DO ) most of the time I was growing up in Philadelphia. And, I mostly ate those foods which I now recognize as leading to my weight gain and becoming Obese. I was on the verge of being in a sick state. I was pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, had frequent Gout attacks, and was always tired. I took meds for all that and some other things I want to keep private ( Popular commercial ads for this medicine for guys my age ) . Anyway, now I learned about nutrition. I'M at normal BMI and weight. I feel great, off all meds, and have energy to do whatever I want. How did I do it??? EATING HEALTHY, ORGANIC, NON-PROCESSED Foods ( Sorry for shouting ). I quit eating processed foods ( for the most part ) and avoid sugar, starch or bad carbs.  I eat alot of vegetables and fruit and lean protein. I'm never hungry because I re-learned how to eat. I can help you if your interested. You have to change your life regarding food, but you'll never look back ( well, I do throw out a lot of clothes that are too big ). Anyway, WE need this outlet for fresh, wholesome foods. I personally am making it a life commitment to educate and pass on what I have learned. I will help the Lehigh Valley in this goal of eating healthy. I believe the CO-OP is necessary and the Lehigh Valley is ready for us. Will you Help by promoting th CO-OP and my sites to ( reach out ) ?? I have been collaborating with others who feel the same way and there will be a shift in the way the Lehigh Valley feeds their families. ( At least when they are home- There will always be Musicfest and Hot Dog stands around ). 

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All members should get involved in what is happening at the CO-OP and should act like informational spokespersons to what is in the works. Talk it up to all who will listen.
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Just made a donation to Bethlehem Food Co-Op

Queen of the Sun Tickets

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Just made a donation to Bethlehem Food Co-Op

Cooperative Member

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