Nominee Q&A: Marino Hernandez

2015 Board Nominee Marino Hernandez has been a member-owner since 7/1/2015.
1. Why do you want to be a member of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op Board of Directors?

I believe the food co-op can really benefit by use of the internet and collaborating more with members and even other co-ops, and I'd like to bring a greater voice to such initiatives. 

2. Briefly explain what you believe are two key issues facing the Co-op and how you believe these issues could be addressed:

- our movement needs to be a household name. with all the warnings and complaints on Facebook about the factory-food system, people should view our message as a no-brainer. yet not enough do, and food co-ops go through a cycle where they grow in number and then decline. we can reverse this and succeed by connecting co-ops so there's a free flow of knowledge and marketing materials that's freely shared, by everyone.
- we need to involve a lot more members. give people a wider window into the decisions and meetings of the food co-op to inspire collaboration and volunteers. I suggest Periscope app to broadcast live our co-op board meetings. this is a natural fit to one of the core principles of co-ops: transparency, with a 21st century upgrade!

3. What particular skills, knowledge, and/or life experience do you bring to our Food Co-op that enables you to support and advance its mission?

I've volunteered at Rodale Institute to help with farm crops and apple harvest fests because I believe in their mission of transforming the food system.

I believe that to make an impact in the food system, we need to improve things by ten times, not ten percent. Go big or go home.

4. What do you see as potential opportunities for the Co-op as it develops long-term strategies?

We have an opportunity to coordinate, in the open, with other groups looking to transform how business is done: coworking spaces, Rodale Institute, farmers, organic gardeners, and even community colleges that garden and recycle.

5. When the co-op opens, what is the first item you hope to put in your shopping basket?

Vegetables from a local organic farmer with a picture and name.
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