Nominee Q&A: Deb Fritz

2015 Board Nominee Deb Fritz has been a member-owner of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op since 8/25/2015.

1. Why do you want to be a member of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op Board of Directors?  
I believe in the idea of a grocery store in the downtown area that provides access to healthy foods.  to residents.  I have skills as a national trainer to assist in training and motivating volunteers.  I also have board experience and have served on many boards throughout my volunteer career. Currently I serve on the Northampton County Meals on Wheels board.  It is my belief that supporting local businesses grows and sustains the community therefore I enjoy being an advocate and a voice for supporting local farmers etc.

2. Briefly explain what you believe are two key issues facing the Co-op and how you believe these issues could be addressed:   
First, brand awareness and marketing strategies need to put in place. And second, organizing and utilizing your volunteers is critical.  With both in place membership in the Co-op will grow.

3. What particular skills, knowledge, and/or life experience do you bring to our Food Co-op that enables you to support and advance its mission?   
I am a motivational speaker/trainer and I have trained thousands of volunteers throughout the country. I also have a clear understanding of board development and process. I have experience working on teams and providing team building workshops. In my work, I develop trainings which focus on membership, leadership and mission.

4. What do you see as potential opportunities for the Co-op as it develops long-term strategies?  
Potential opportunities would be to develop new partners, introduce the Co-op to new connections, include businesses in the movement, and provide training for new members on how to get involved.  
5. When the co-op opens, what is the first item you hope to put in your shopping basket?  
Fresh locally produced produce.

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