MOVEing Forward

Recently, the BFC board of directors decided to restructure several of their committees, in an effort to streamline several processes. The outreach, education, and communication committees reconfigured into a single group, called MOVE (Membership, Outreach, Volunteers, and Education.)

The decision behind this takes into account numerous considerations. Up until this point, board members chaired every single committee, which served in addition to their roles on the board. However, as the BFC begins to focus on major initiatives, such as real estate, grants, and a capital campaign, the board has a full plate. It was decided, therefore, that MOVE would be led by a public member of the BFC and would include greater participation from member owners.

Additionally, MOVE streamlines communication. Prior to MOVE, educational and outreach initiatives would be discussed at their separate meetings, which would result in disjointment. Education and outreach wouldn’t be able to effectively share their expectations with communications. By working together, we hope we can increase visibility and participation among our member-owners, as well as the general populace.

So, what all does MOVE cover? The answer is fairly widespread. The MOVE committee heads all aspects of membership, outreach, education, volunteerism, and communications for the BFC.  This entails all planning and execution of events and communications. From graphic design and writing copy for the website to teaching classes at local colleges and planning our myriad events, MOVE strives to create an active member base and an educated local community.

We are always looking for helpful individuals who would like to participate in our committee. Come if you are interested in graphic design, social media, writing, photography, teaching, event planning, or if you just want to make a positive impact in your community! MOVE meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. Check out our website for details on location.


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