Thanks for your interest in co-op membership!

Ready to join?
Use our secure online portal or print an application (for householdsor (for organizations). (NOTE: If you'd like to use our new 30-month payment option and pay online, see below).

While co-ops cannot exist without members, everyone (whether a member or not) will be welcome to shop at our co-op - and everyone is welcome to join. We think the perks of membership make joining nearly irresistible.

Why is growing our membership so important?

  • More members means more seed money to develop our full-service, community-owned grocery store in the north downtown area of Bethlehem
  • More members means more "hands on deck" to bring our store to reality
  • More members builds our ‘collateral’ with potential investors and funders

We have some new initiatives to help us grow:

Fall Membership Campaign

We’re shooting for 800 total members by December 31! By reaching that number, we will give every new member household three chances in a drawing to win a weekly CSA or cheese share for the 2021 season (a box of produce [or cheese selection] from a local producer).

Any current BFC member who refers a new member will also get one chance in a similar drawing. Start thinking about who you can talk to about joining our co-op!

Organizational Membership

We’ve heard from several local organizations that they’re interested in joining, so we are pleased to announce a new membership category for legal entities. Contact us at for details on how to sign up.

New Membership Payment Plan

You’ve been heard: we are pleased to announce a third payment option for those paying their $300 membership equity fee. You may now elect to make 30 monthly payments of $10 each - we hope this makes it easier for more neighbors to join us! Contact us at if you would like to use this option. 


Already convinced? Household members can join with this printable application or via our secure online portal. Organizations can print this application, or contact us at to join online.

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