Meet A Member: Emily Hoffert

Cooperators.jpgFirst off, could you please introduce yourself. What is your role in the community?

I am the General Manager for my Dad's small business/local restaurant, Jumbars, for the last six-going-on-seven years.

How did you get involved with the Bethlehem Food Co-Op?

I've been involved from the very beginning after hearing Jaime's pepper story. One of my waitresses at the time, Summre, helped to organize the first general interest meeting, and I jumped on board right away! Having grown up in Montpelier, Vermont and shopping regularly at Hunger Mountain Co-op, I was thrilled of the prospect of building a co-op community here in Bethlehem. My wife, Jenn, and I became members at the membership kickoff picnic.

What function do you think the food co-op should play in the community?

Being a small business owner in the food industry in particular and an advocate for local farming, I would love to see our co-op make local produce more accessible. Personally, the amount of time I spend each week running from Wegmans, Valley Farm Market and local farm stands like Scholl's Orchards and Padula's Potatoes is exhausting. But it's not just about convenience, it's also about educating our community about food and sustainability. I already feel, with my involvement and experience with our Coop and watching it grow and evolve, that it has brought so many of us working together building a stronger united community.

Your favorite local food?

**Ahem, Jumbars** J/k. Scholl's white nectarines in the early summer and their cameo apples in the fall are two of my favorite snacks. Local restaurant favorites to give a shout out to are Hello Burrito, Tulum, Blue Sky Cafe, Mitzi's Table, Molinari's and Bolete

What's the last book you couldn't put down?

Unfortunately, my crazy schedule doesn't leave me too much time for leisure reading but when I have a few spare minutes I enjoy Ted Talks, NPR's This American Life or articles on

Where do you see the co-op being in a decade?

Hopefully a thriving store, with maybe a community garden? Or plans for a second location in the valley? Go big or go home :)

Your favorite dish to make?

I've been having fun experimenting with healthy baking alternatives for fueling snacks to get me through the work day or for a long bike ride. My latest concoction is a banana bar made with quinoa, raisins and chia.

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