Kathy Fox

Kathy Fox1. Why are you running for the board?

It has been my privilege to serve on the board in an interim capacity for the past six months.  During this time I transitioned from a “super” volunteer to a board member with much more responsibility.  This month I take on the additional responsibility as the liaison to the MOVE (Member, Outreach, Volunteers and Education) Committee.  Since I firmly believe in building, nurturing and maintaining relationships with our member-owners, this position seems to be a good fit.  I wish to continue in this role, working closely with the committee chair and the board, to effectively communicate to our members and recruit more volunteers to assist in preparation for our own full-service grocery store in Bethlehem.  Member recruitment is also an extremely important component of the MOVE Committee, and I look forward to assisting in the planning and implementation of future member recruitment and social events for our members. 

2. What skill sets do you bring to the table?

My strengths include being a strong ambassador for the BFC and establishing at a relationship, albeit sometimes small, with every new member I’ve contacted over the past four years.  My ability get out the message, Eat Health, Shop Locally and Build Community, has resulted in many new member-owners over the past four years, and I will continue to share the positive benefits of establishing a food cooperative in the City of Bethlehem.  My knowledge of environmental issues and passion for sustainable living will be beneficial when it comes to sharing suggestions regarding the store design, inventory and programs. 

3. What do you believe is the value of cooperative enterprise in today's economy?

Cooperative enterprise fosters economic growth by supporting local farmers and purveyors, in addition to creating good paying local jobs.  A food cooperative promotes community by serving the needs of the local residents, not only what it sells and who it employs, but by providing educational opportunities, community-based activities, and promoting and utilizing sustainable practices.  In addition, our food cooperative will be a good steward of our community by occupying an existing vacant commercial space, paying taxes, and most probably using a local (perhaps cooperative) bank.  The Bethlehem Food Co-op will work to lift people by supporting the triple bottom line:  Social, Environment and Economy

4. How would you explain the Bethlehem Food Co-Op and its development to a neighbor?

I explain that I am part of a group of Bethlehem residents who want to open up a community-owned full-service grocery store in downtown Bethlehem, which will be open to all.  I tell them that importance of opening up in a food desert area, near a bus line and availability for some people to walk to the grocery store.  I talk about the BFC’s vision of promoting healthy eating, supporting the local economy, and building a strong, close community.  I talk about the benefits of joining, such as discounts at all the businesses we partnered with, access to local organic and sustainably produced foods close to home and in one place, community building, and the educational opportunities to be featured. 

5. How much time are you able to dedicate to your service on the Bethlehem Food Co-Op board of directors?

I currently attend one board working-prep meeting, one board meeting, one executive board meeting, and one MOVE Committee meeting per month as the board liaison.  I handle the scholarship applications, including identifying and contacting possible eligible candidates.  In addition, I prepare all the new member packets, including updating our current events list, which is included in the packets.  I data enter new member information, make initial contact with all new members, search for and personally request members to hold house parties and schedule them, make presentations at house parties and other events, and I organized sign giveaway events.  I also volunteer at and schedule some of our tabling events.  I’ve been attending our What’s Up with the Co-op gatherings and the social gatherings afterwards.  I make an attempt to attend our social events with our members as it is a fun part of being a member-owner of the co-op, and I believe it is an important part of service!  I will volunteer for the capital campaign team.  There are also many other communications that happen on many days, too numerous and sporadic to track.  There will most certainly be other projects to work on in this future.  I will willingly keep up this pace. 

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