June 2013 General Meeting Notes

Weren't able to make the June 2013 General Meeting? Check out what you missed!

First, a special warm welcome to Brittany, our new intern!

7:00PM – Get to know the person next to you.

7:15PM – Introductions of the person next to you to the group at large.

7:30PM – Breakout sessions to answer questions and explain the history and status of the cooperative in small groups led by some more experience members. Also covered was the history of cooperatives in general, and what sets cooperative business practices apart from traditional business.

7:50PM – Discussion about Mark Winne and CCMA. Joe is taking a Moravian Star for the Scholarship Fund. There’s a great video you can check out here.

Also, July 1st will be the July meeting, but we’re changing things up by having a cookout! This will be the kickoff of our membership drive. A signup will be passed around.

Colleen also introduced the different committees and explained the different event signups that will be going around the room.

Familia is coming up, a great community festival.

Secret Art Space’s craft fair is also coming up. They could really use folks to donate baked goods, and crafts.

There will be a MAFCA meeting in Brooklyn at Green Hill food cooperative.

VegFest isn’t until September, but we’ve been fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of their silent auction proceeds this year. We have to run the silent auction though! So if you are interested in volunteering, we could use your help.

7:55PM – Event signups get passed.

8:00PM – Business meeting

  • Welcome Brittany!
  • Website
  • Craft fair -An annual Coop craft fair. Summre has been calling around to narrow down locations, and we’ve narrowed down to three different locations (Fowler, UUC Gym, or St. Nicholas). Also have it towards the fall to market towards holiday purchases. Also, we are considering asking vendors to donate a piece to a raffle table. Dates look like either October 6th, or October 13th. Goal is to have it run from 10am to 4pm. We will need people to canvass and solicit donations. Email Summre for more information. We would really like it to be indoors just in case of inclimate weather.
  • Discussion of survey for location of cooperative, and member loan campaign. You can respond to the survey here.
  • Food Cooperative Institute is having a webinar to recap the highlights of the CCMA conference. You can check it out here!
  • Manny solicited help for starting a video blog to go with the website.
  • Will solicited help for the cookbook, and solicited feedback and ideas to help pull the cookbook together.

Reach out to these folks!

For grants: cathy[at]bethlehemfood.coop

For fundraising: amber[at]bethlehemfood.coop

Craft fair: summreshine[at]gmail.com

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