Joseph Klinkhoff

1. Why are you running for the board? What skill sets do you bring to the table?

I am running for the board to provide fresh eyes, and new view points to the board. To do my best to help realize the goals of the co-op.
I have been a co-op member for almost two years now. I am part of the education sub-committee and have been teaching classes under the co-op's umbrella for two years as well.

Things I want to do: Really work on building the COMMUNITY of the coop, 600ish families, lets get to know each other! This is the most important resource a co-op has. We need to bring the members together, help them understand what a coop is and how they are involved (or can be involved). (this goal is as a member of the new MOVE committee, it would just be awesome to get the board to catch the fever as well)

My skill set is broad and varied. Having worked in both a corporate finance/IT environment has furnished me with one set of skills, while spending 30 years in food service develops yet other skills. I bring all this to the table to be used where needed.

2. What do you believe is the value of cooperative enterprise in today's economy?

I think someone said “start local, think global”. Co-ops are just that. A local force not only for economic growth, but community growth as well. When we actualize both through the co-op model and people start to plug in, the co-op becomes your grass roots base for growth and change in and around the community.

3. What aisle can we expect to see you shopping in when our co-op opens?

EVERY AISLE, I am a true foodie and love the different tastes, textures and smell of foods. I am looking forward to our inventory matching the diversity of our member families! Who knows what delectable dishes I might learn to cook!

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I welcome your idea on the members getting to know each other. I’ve been a member for 4 years and but for one or two get-togethers, I’ve attended it seems most of the activities are geared to increasing membership. I know that’s important, but I think there should be a balance.