Johnny Quinones

1. Why are you running for the board, and what skill sets do you bring to the table?

I am running for the board because I'm a native of Bethlehem and for 25 years, I've become very attached to my home. I want to see the friends, family, and delightful acquaintances I hold near and dear to my heart have access to healthy food and a healthy community. I'm a highly sociable, energetic soul who has a genuine care for others. Blessed with a highly organized mind, I will be able to help connect the dots, plan and operate meetings, and stimulate awareness for the way our community can thrive with the co-op.

2. What do you believe is the value of cooperative enterprise in today's economy?

I believe in today's age, we have come to a point where transparency is hardly ever offered, especially when it comes to food. The cooperative enterprise is formed to empower and educate its members and to raise the general wellbeing of its community. It's gain is not just a monetary one, but one of a better tomorrow—where you see all the gears at work and understand it, and that way less brothers and sisters are apt to be taken advantage of by corrupt producers, sellers, and middlemen.

3. What aisle can we expect to see you shopping in when our co-op opens?

Anywhere in the store that is home to locally and sustainably sourced produce/products!! Also I'm very excited for bulk bins with "bring your own refillable container" to cut down on throwaway packaging!

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