How does becoming a member-owner of the co-op benefit the community?


Aside from the personal perks associated with becoming a member/owner, there are many ripple effects into our community. First of all, without member/owners, we cannot have a co-op, which will itself benefit the community by providing a quality grocery store in an area that currently lacks access to fresh food, creating a more walkable town. Walkable neighborhoods are directly related to higher property values. The co-op will also provide quality employment opportunities where workers will make a living wage and earn benefits like health care.


Joining the co-op is also an act of community empowerment—This store will be owned by the community it serves, giving a strong voice to each of our neighbors. When residents feel they have a voice, they become empowered to do even more to improve the community.

We envision the Bethlehem Food Co-Op as a gathering space, too, where members will take a class, volunteer at an event, or simply chat with a neighbor in line. Already, we’ve seen friendships formed at co-op meetings and have gone out in the community as a group to give back. This sort of culture will continue to help our community blossom.

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