Holiday Greetings from the Board Chair

As we move through this season of hustle & bustle and into a new year of growth & development, I pause for a moment to think of all this Co-Op has accomplished over the past year, and even more, the stellar people who have come together to work towards building a stronger, more vibrant community.

 It's heartwarming and empowering to see:

  • the commitment of our committee volunteers, who do everything from designing ads to creating events to making personal phone calls to welcome new members,
  • the talent and dedication of our board volunteers, who spend hours upon hours researching, debating, and making tough decisions for the benefit of our members,
  • the creative energy of our membership recruitment staff, as they spread the word and bring us closer to our goals,
  • the embrace of local businesses, who step up to offer giveaways, event venues, and discounts to our members,
  • and the support of our community leaders and others in the cooperative sector, who have mentored, guided, and challenged us through this process.

Starting a food co-op is an investment of time, energy, and talent for all involved. The efforts are enormous, but we are already seeing some of the fruits of our labors through enriching educational opportunities, amazing community spirit at our events, and solid progress towards opening a brick-and-mortar grocery store to meet our neighbors' needs. The best way to keep this progress going is to join now!

So, whatever traditions your family celebrates at this time of year, take a moment to reflect and celebrate the gift of our community. Raise a glass, nibble a cookie, or gaze at the stars and join me in saying "Cheers!" to all who support the Bethlehem Food Co-Op.

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