Shopping at Crooked Row Farm: COVID-19 Edition

Hello everybody, my name is Johnny Quinones, and my fiancee Becky Fisher and I make up member household 421 at the Bethlehem Food Co-Op. Many people are unaware of how they can still support their local farmers and producers during these trying times. In this video we wanted to highlight one farm market store that is a perfect example of just how easy it can be for you to still get your local produce.

Crooked Row Farm is a certified organic, woman-owned farm located right off route 309 in Orefield, PA. The farm, along with its farm markets store, is just a 20-minute drive from downtown Bethlehem.

Crooked Row is owned and operated by Liz Wagner and her family, and they provide a few different options for customers to shop their farm market store. At the end of this video, and right below, we'll put some links you can follow to get to the store or to the main website of Crooked Row Farm, which is The website contains a comprehensive look at the history of the farm and everything that they are currently up to.

On the main page is a link that directs to the online version of the farm store that Farmer Liz updates very often. One of the most convenient options that they supply is ordering online for curbside pickup, in-store pickup, or for delivery. And you can do this right on your laptop or desktop or right on your phone, and we're going to show you what that looks like right now.

On top of the farm store ordering page are categories that you can click on that will jump you directly to where that category in the web page is. Everything is organized very well with detailed information on each product, including where the product is sourced and any other helpful information. Some categories will create a separate pop-up window for a more detailed selection of the products available. And if she is sold out the website will tell you in red lettering.

Some other pieces of information to note: e- gift cards are available to purchase right at the bottom of the site that are good to use on the online farm shop. You can also add to your cart a seven dollar donation. Crooked Row uses this donation to create plentiful food pantry bags that get donated back to local communities and families in need.

Also at the top of the site is the option for order delivery. The pop-up window explains when they make deliveries and for which areas. When you're ready to check out, scroll back up to the top of the webpage and click on the little shopping cart. Here's where you can choose either a store pickup or home delivery. From there is where you'd answer your payment information as well as address for delivery.

When Becky and I went for our groceries, we chose a store pickup option and picked it up in the shop because we wanted to look around the market for a little bit. But for those on the go, just give Farmer Liz a call when you arrive and they'll load your order right into your trunk for you for a contactless curbside pickup.

Shopping at Crooked Row can help bring peace of mind in more ways than one. Supporting their small local business also helps support the over two dozen local producers that Crooked Row buys from. She does the homework so that you don't need to.

This results in a huge selection of items that include specialty items like veggie burgers and tofu, as well as bath soaps, holistic remedies and handmade jewelry, plus the donation bags are an amazing way for us that feel helpless during this pandemic to give back to our communities and help out.

On top of this all Farmer Liz is an extremely kind and caring woman that has been in this game for a long time, working to bring out the locavore that's within us all.

Hopefully this information helps some of you folks that have been hesitant on buying from your local farmer. It can be this easy, just as easy as it is to buy from any other grocery store you buy from.

So contact your local farmer to find out how they can get food from their farm to your table today. Good luck, co-operators.

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