The Bethlehem Food Co-Op is currently organized into three standing committees, with the formation and dissolution of additional committees and task groups as necessary. If you want to get your hands dirty and really work on bringing this vision to life, join a committee by emailing the listed leader.

Communications Committee:

Committee Co-Chairs: Tracey Werner and Colleen Marsh, colleen [at]

The communications committee is tasked with addressing the marketing and PR needs of the co-op. This committee supports the other committees and the organization as a whole. Specific projects under this committee include the website, seasonal newsletter, promotional material content creation & design, campaign planning, communications strategy, and more.

This is for you if you are: a graphic designer, a web developer, a writer, a photographer, a marketing specialist.

Outreach/Membership Committee:

Committee Chair: Jennifer Dize, Jenndize [at]

The membership/outreach committee is responsible for planning and executing all elements of the co-op membership drive. This includes planning events, coordinating volunteers to table at community happenings, establishing helpful relationships in the community, developing the membership structure and policies, and more.

This is for you if you are: a people person, an outreach specialist, an event planner, a database expert.

Finance Committee:

Committee Chair: Javier Toro

The finance committee oversees financial policy and book keeping. Among other things, they are tasked with writing policies, handling incorporation matters, managing the bank account, accounting, taxes, business plan development, and financial goal setting.

This is for you if you are: a numbers person, an accountant, a financial manager, a business person, a policy developer.

Education Committee:

Committee Chair: Keisha Thorpe 

The committee works closely with local institutions of higher education and other organizations to offer classes, workshops, and lectures for the entire Lehigh Valley. We run a wide variety of programs, from cooking to composting, from writing to food art. We are currently looking for members interested in teaching, designing, and administering educational programming that reflects and supports our diverse community.



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