• Membership Drive Kickoff & Picnic - One Pioneer's Perspective

    When I first arrived to the Membership Drive Kickoff Picnic at Monocacy Creek Park I found that I was one of the early arrivals.  There was small chit chat and a slow organization of the picnic area began.  Someone said, "Water is over there", "dessert items over there", "please label your food items", and Joe said, "I have beer".

  • Around town - Your Co-op T-shirt

    What does Josh Fox, a Tibetan monk, and a random New York City pedestrian have in common?

  • June 2013 General Meeting Notes

    Weren't able to make the June 2013 General Meeting? Check out what you missed!

  • Action Needed to Save Co-op Funding!

    Cooperatives around the country need your help! The only federally funded cooperative development program is in danger! Check out how you can help!

  • Co-operative Enterprise: Still the Best for Bethlehem!

    As news of a possible Whole Foods in Macungie has been spreading, we’ve been getting lots of questions about if or how that store could impact the development of our co-op. We are still confident that the Bethlehem Food Co-Op can and will succeed. Here are just a few of the many reasons why...

  • Make Up Meeting

    A second meeting will be held for those who could not make it to the first! The agenda will be the same as the first meeting. If you could not attend the 11/30 meeting, please join us! If you did attend the first meeting, please do not attend this one, as space will be limited.


    The Crowd from Our First Meeting

    A few hours ago, I sat, somewhat stunned at the huge turnout, in Bethlehem Public Library at the first meeting for the Bethlehem Grocery Co-Op. What seemed like a far fetched dream several years ago as I hauled my groceries on the bus or waited for a ride to get to the nearest grocery store now seems like a real possibility. As the chairs filled and people spilled into the hallway to hear information about the history of co-ops, the realistic steps towards opening one, and the principles behind one, the energy in the room was practically as visible as fireflies. Jaime, Cathy and Summer did an excellent job organizing the meeting and keeping us enthusiastically on task. When we broke into brainstorming groups, I could feel the wealth of ideas filling the air, and there was no shortage of people signing up to volunteer on different committees.

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