3 Questions with The Brick

The Brick in downtown Bethlehem is hosting tonight’s Co-op Mixer from 5:30-7:30pm. Current members, as well as those who would like to join the co-op, or who are interested in learning more, are welcome!
12278791_927662577326626_8047059183979033484_n.jpgWe caught up with Vito Spinelli, owner of The Brick, to learn about the secrets of his pizza and his thoughts about why Bethlehem needs a co-op.
1. The Brick is probably best known for its pizzas, and your menu certainly offers a lot of options! What do you think it is about your pizzas that really sets them apart from others in the area?  
We make our own sauce, cheese and dough from scratch. We import our ingredients from Italy, like our flour and olive oil.  We do special things like offering heart-shaped pizzas at Valentine's Day, and a Nutella pizza that has strawberries, bananas and chocolate sauce.
2. Why did you want to host an event for Bethlehem Food Co-op members?  
As a small business owner I am completely committed to the community and understand the value of supporting other businesses. I want to be involved in Bethlehem and help it thrive. 
3. How do you think the community-owned grocery store that the co-op is planning to open will benefit residents of the Lehigh Valley?  
Aside from making it more convenient to the residents, it will bring fresh, local, affordable food to the residents so that they have a choice in what to feed their families
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