3 Questions with Susan Roth of Mitzi's Table

Bethlehem Food Co-Op invites you to lunch at Mitzi's Table this week for our latest membership event. We asked owner Susan Roth about her business, her food, and her thoughts on the Co-Op in this post!


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1. You are well known in the Lehigh Valley for your original shop and catering business on Rt. 191, and you are also known as a Northampton Community College culinary professor. What made you decide to start Mitzi’s Table a few years ago?

My husband Matt and I had often talked about opening a restaurant. We had the catering business and gourmet shop, which were very successful. Matt has been a chef almost as long as me and we said "if we don't try it now, we'll never do it!" We wanted something manageable and fun! Mitzi's is named after Matt's late mom and we designed it like a retro 50's kitchen.

2. We understand that you recently unveiled a new restaurant menu. What are some items on it that customers need to try?

We based our menu off of foods that we enjoy, and we are inspired by friends, family, and traveling to try regional foods. We like to keep the food interesting, putting our own spin on things like the oatmeal crusted French toast with real maple butter and syrup. Or the new NOLA mac and cheese with shrimp and Andouille sausage. Or our daily quesadilla, which can be something traditional or something like dill, Havarti, turkey, roasted pepper, and spinach, or beets and goat cheese. Of course there's always the Elvis Frenctoast which is bacon and corn flake crusted then topped with sliced bananas, peanut butter, and honey syrup. Or the Scorcher burger and Matt's hot sauces.

3. How do you think the community-owned grocery store that the co-op is planning to open will benefit residents of the Lehigh Valley?

I think the grocery store will benefit the community by utilizing some of the products from local farms and businesses. I think people like supporting a business that is locally owned, knowing that they are supporting people who live in and employ people from the area and who also give back.



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