3 Questions with Emily Hoffert of Jumbars

Emily has been a proud supporter of our Co-op from day one, and she’s supporting it again this month with a special membership promotion at her restaurant this coming Sunday, September 20.

Emily Hoffert1. You’ve been a supporter of the co-op since it began, joining as a Pioneer Member. Why do you think a community grocery store is so important for Bethlehem?

Being a small business owner in the restaurant industry in particular and an advocate for supporting local farming I would love to see our Co-op make local produce more accessible. Personally the amount of time I spend each week running to Wegmans, Valley Farm Market, and local farm stands like Scholl's Orchards and Padula's Potatoes is exhausting. But it's not just about convenience; it's also about educating our community about food and sustainability. I already feel, with my involvement and experience with our Co-op and watching it grow and evolve, that it has brought so many of us working together building a stronger united community.

2. Your restaurant is known not only for its great food, inviting atmosphere, and friendly service, but you have a reputation for being a community supporter. Why do you feel it’s so important for small business owners to be active in and supportive of organizations in their community?

Giving back to the community is a value that my late mother instilled in me. I was in high school when my parents first began writing their business plan for Jumbars and I was very involved in its development. Ninety percent of our customers are loyal regulars and we would not exist without them. So how could I not support my community?

3. Jumbars was also one of the first local businesses to get on board with the co-op’s new membership events. The goal of these events is to help us grow our membership so that we can open a community grocery store in the city. What are you most looking forward to about shopping at the co-op?

Unfortunately with my work schedule and weekends being our busiest days at Jumbars I miss out on all the local farmer's markets. I'm looking forward to having a centralized venue for local produce and other local handmade goods with accessible hours.

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